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AFFORDABLE OUTFITS FROM Shein - Shopping review and tips

Hello Girls! This is a blog post I’m so excited to bring to you! If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know that I love fashion but I love finding a good deal in fashion even more! I’m not the kind of girl that’s going to tell you to purchase an $80 t-shirt because I would never do that myself. One of the reasons I finally started my blog was because I was so tired of seeing all of these bloggers share outfits that the average girl and like myself would never dare buy because it would break our dang bank!

Okay, is infamous for not having the best sizing in the world. My experience is pretty on par with what I heard about SheIn before I bought.

I’m all about looking stylish and feeling confident in what you’re wearing, not only because it’s a great find but because you’re not having buyers remorse over it either. Can I get an amen there in the back? And all the smart and savvy girls said AMEN! I’m here today to tell you all about a shop that’s helped me accomplish this for the past few years.

AFFORDABLE OUTFITS FROM Shein - Shopping review and tips

Earlier this year I started spending money at SheIn after years of checking out the site and seeing the products they have for sale. I’ve promised an honest SheIn review for months now, and I think it’s about time that I finally put my thoughts about SheIn out into the open. So, without further ado, let’s chat about SheIn!

Best things to buy from Shein

  • Blouses
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Anything Trendy
  • Anything where fit is less important (chunky sweaters, cardigans, and loose blouses have always been a big win for me!)


If you want to learn about the history of SHEIN, you can read all about that here. SHEIN’s clothes are all extremely affordable. Like, beyond your wildest bargain shopper dreams! Almost 99% of the items are dirt cheap. Like, you wonder if you are shopping somewhere truly legit cheap. Ha! So, yes, it is legit. Don’t be scared! I’ll share some shopping tips below…

AFFORDABLE OUTFITS FROM Shein - Shopping review and tips

SHEIN is an online retailer where I frequently shop. There are thousands upon thousands of pieces to browse and shop from. And to be honest, it can be a little overwhelming at times! Something I’ve noticed since starting my blog and sharing my looks through is that I always get a ton of questions from multiple girls about items I link from SHEIN. So, I’m here to answer all of your questions and help you finally start shopping with SHEIN! You can head to my Instagram and see my try-on session, where I’m sharing my recent purchases. I’ll also be sharing some style inspiration for these looks here in this post for you, too, so don’t go anywhere just yet! And by the way, this is not a sponsored post with this brand, just something I thought would be very helpful for all my girls!

SheIn Clothing Quality

So, the thing with SheIn is you never know the quality you will get. Some stuff is fantastic in the quality department, and some stuff is subpar. I’ve received multiple items that I just adored, but some items kept me wanting more and felt like they were made of confusing and thin fabric.

An example of both confusing and pretty thin fabric was the dress I showed here a few months ago when I talked about how to focus on self-care when you feel like you don’t deserve it. It was a beautiful dress, but the tie was in a strange place and took forever to figure out. Plus, the dress was a little bit thin, not see through, just thin.

Some of my favorite pieces have been a cute palm print dress I showed y’all a few weeks ago; the pearl embellished top I showed y’all earlier this year; and the red striped dress that I am showing y’all today.

AFFORDABLE OUTFITS FROM Shein - Shopping review and tips


When shopping with SHEIN, always, always, always– have I said always? read the reviews! Usually, I try to mainly share items with you girls that I have personally bought so I know first-hand experience what to tell you. I would never share something with you unless I truly LOVE it and wear it myself! The only time I link items for you girls that I haven’t bought personally is if I’m finding some inspiration for you to shop from that’s similar to what I’m wearing so you have more options to do your own personally shopping. I love being like your own personal stylist! Back to SHEIN… the reviews are always super helpful. I usually don’t order something unless it has a review. Usually. There are times I take chances on things because I fall in love with it too much to pass up.

I’ve noticed that SheIn orders typically come from a couple of places for me in the United States. Sometimes they come from China, and those orders can take a while longer, but they will also come from New York or California, and those orders tend to be quicker.

Most of the stuff I’ve ordered from SheIn has come to me in under two weeks. I also like the fact that they ship things out in multiple orders if that will help speed up the shipping process for you.

The great thing is, if you don’t like something you can always return it! Returning is easy. You can login to view your past orders and select what you want to return and then print your shipping label right at home! Just know, you cannot return bodysuits, lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, or any jewelry or accessories. So, make sure you truly love that before you buy it! (This is something new I just learned and wasn’t aware of actually!)

Another big tip to help you shop is to sign up and create an account with SHEIN. It’s completely free and it’s simply a reward system. It makes returns way easier and something SHEIN does that not many other places do is a point reward system. For all your purchases made under your account, you get SHEIN points. Those points accumulate and you can then apply them to your next order to take a few extra dollars off! Yippeeeee!

Lastly, let’s talk about sizing. Some of SHEIN’s clothes can be very thin and small. Again, always refer back to the reviews. The customer images are usually more helpful than the retailer’s images. 90% of the time, I size up in SHEIN. Right now, I’m normally wearing a size medium. Sometimes, still a size large. In SHEIN, I always order a large. And to be totally honest, I even have a few XLs from SHEIN too. Like this $9 top that I love and wear all the time! (If you want to see various ways I’ve styled it, go check that out in this blog post here!) The reviews usually help with sizing and girls are very honest (thankfully!) with how it has fit them, but if you’re in doubt, sizing up is my best suggestion.

AFFORDABLE OUTFITS FROM Shein - Shopping review and tips

Now, let’s get to all the styling! Here’s some of my favorite pieces from my recent order put all together for you girls! I’ll include all shopping links below each image so you can re-create the look for yourself, too! Just look below my picture and click on any clothing item you see to shop. Some items I am wearing from other stores to pair with my SHEIN items (like my jeans, etc.) are sold out right now, so unfortunately, I can’t provide a link. All SHEIN items are in stock though, don’t worry! Don’t forget to head to my Instagram to watch my try-on session in my IG stories to see the total outfit fails too that will be heading back to SHEIN ASAP! Ha!

Over all, I have had a lot of fails with SHEIN; but, I have had even more wins! So, please don’t let it scare you out of finding such a fabulous item at an even more fabulous price!

>>>Shop Trendy Women's Fashion | SHEIN<<<

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